Auto Trader: More Cars for Dealers Thanks to Cash Offer

Auto Trader says it will unlock even more stock for retailers by providing its customers with a £100 extra cash incentive for any vehicle part-exchanged with a retailer using Auto Trader’s Guaranteed Part-Exchange service or sold through its consumer facing Instant Cash Offer platform.

Auto Trader says it will be the first time it has directly contributed towards its retailer partners’ marketing activity.

If it results in more cars making their way to dealers’ forecourts then this can’t be a bad thing, can it?

They way it works is that, as of this month, in addition to the 30,000 vehicles privately advertised on Auto Trader, stock acquired through Guaranteed Part-Exchange and Instant Cash Offer will be exclusively listed on the Dealer Auction platform.

Running from the 23 August until the autumn, the £100 extra cash offer will be available to all consumers completing a Guaranteed Part-Exchange through a retailer on Auto Trader’s platforms or a sale through the Instant Cash Offer service. As well as digital media activity and CRM targeting its 2.1 million social media followers and email subscribers, the offer will be promoted directly via the Auto Trader website and app (15 million downloads). In July, Auto Trader recorded circa 67.5 million visits across its platforms.