Auto Trader – Love It or Loathe It, It’s Big and Getting Bigger

Auto Trader Logo

The auto sector juggernaut that is Auto Trader is big and getting bigger. Many dealerships loathe it, saying it gives customers false expectations. Others accept it as a fair arbiter of what’s what in the buying and selling of cars.

Whatever your view, there’s no denying its size and influence.

In January it recorded a humungous 69% year-on-year rise in new car advert views, to 7.4m for the month. That’s nearly 10,000 views per hour!  Along with a 14% YoY rise in individual viewers.  And early February it saw its highest every single week viewing figures, up a stonking 59% YoY.

Auto Trader is proud of the fact that this continuing rise to dominance is coupled with an almost doubling in the number of new car leads being sent to retailers in January.

Auto Trader’s commercial director, Ian Plummer said: “From what we can see from our data, there is cause for optimism: there’s a growing level of new car demand, and the broader economic consumer confidence levels, which is typically the key driver of the new car market, remains relatively strong. In fact, our latest research shows that consumers are currently more confident in being able to afford their next car than they were pre-pandemic.”

So, what’s your relationship with Auto Trader? Love it? Loathe it? Let NTK Motors know here