Auto Trader Generates 2 Of Every 3 Used Car Sales     

Auto Trader Logo

According to the latest data from Auto Trader, its power and influence is growing and growing, to the point where two out of every three used car sales is now generated from its platform.

This is thanks to a phenomenal 64 million cross platform visits in 2021, a massive 15% increase on 2020.  Auto Trader also claims to have influenced 8% more of its retailer partners’ sales last year than in 2020.

Last year saw Auto Trader really push the brand, investing heavily in marketing and spreading its influence.

Many of you will have seen the current ad campaign that made its debut on Christmas Day which highlights the ease of buying a car online from retailers on its marketplace.  This campaign is scheduled to run up to April and it has had a huge impact.

Hence the massive numbers of people using the website.