Astra – The Next Level in Teasing


We all like being teased, don’t we?  We all like to have our expectations built up.  But what is it about this trend for teasing us with photos of just a tiny part of a new car in the days and weeks leading up to the full launch?

Yes, we understand that it is making the launch story stretch out.  And yes, we know that it gives the manufacturer a whole load more bites of the media cherry, not least in social media. You can Tweet a re-designed headlight here and Insta a new gearstick there. 

But do we really need to be treated as the kind of people who see the badge on the rear of the new Astra and feel a frisson of delight? Really?

Don’t get us wrong, what we can actually see of the new Astra looks great.  In fact, Vauxhall themselves describe it as ‘bold’ and ‘pure’…

But to see a first glimpse before the full reveal…isn’t this getting a bit ‘meh’ now?