Aston Martin Searches Soar as 007 Hits Screens

We’ve all done it.  Come bowling out of the cinema, high on the latest gadgets and cars…and all fantasised that we could be like James Bond…conquer the baddies like James Bond…and even better, drive like James Bond.

Well it seems that no sooner had No Time To Die hit the big screen than we all ran to Auto Trader to see just how much an Aston Martin would set us back.  No, really! 

Auto Trader is reporting that searches for Aston Martins have spiked with an increase of 75% following the release of No Time to Die over the weekend. Cinemagoers looking to fuel their Bond fantasy caused a surge in views for classic Aston Martins, with the top three most viewed classic cars over the past week being two DB5s and a DB6. Searches for Jaguars and Land Rovers also soared, with a rise of 13% alongside the airing of the film.  

If you’re in luck, a limited-edition Aston Martin Vantage 007 is now up for sale on Auto Trader. It is one of just 100 of its type worldwide, purposefully produced to commemorate the new Bond film. It was advertised at a cool £200,000.  Over to you, Mr Bond.