At the launch of its No Time To Die campaign, iconic manufacturer Aston Martin has unveiled a giant Corgi toy car box complete with a life-sized DB5 against the backdrop of Battersea power station. When you think James Bond you think DB5, so this is a cool kickstart to the pre-movie launch.

The event is part of Aston Martin’s global TV advertising campaign featuring the DB5 as driven by Sean Connery, recognised by the giant replica of the original 1965 Corgi DB5 model toy in a giant  box in central London.  The DB5 is complete with a broad selection of working gadgets that fans will recognise from the classic James Bond film: rotating number plates, a retractable bullet proof rear shield, extending front over-riders and of course pop out machine guns.

The life size model measures 5.66 metres long, 2.7 metres tall and 2.7 metres deep, and replicates the original Corgi design and houses an Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation car. The Corgi box and car will be on display to the public at The Coaling Jetty, Battersea Power Station until 1 October 2021.

Meanwhile we learn that No Time To Die, to be released globally this month, features not one but four iconic Aston Martin models from past, present and future: the DB5, the V8, the super GT DBS and the Valhalla – the forthcoming hypercar.