Arson. Stab Threats. Thefts. What Is Going on With Attacks on Dealerships?

What the hell is going on in this wonderful business when a week barely goes by without some thug or other threatening car dealers, or thieves make off with stock or – as we have just seen up in Tyneside – an arson attack on forecourt vehicles?  It seems that life in the dealership is not quite as safe and secure as we once thought.

The latest outrage has seen two cars being torched in a suspected arson attack at a North Tyneside dealership, causing around £60,000 worth of damage at Redgate Lodge Motor Group in Shiremoor.  The business has come forward to offer a £5,000 for any information leading to the culprits’ prosecution.

MD Scott Sibley said he first knew about the attack when he got a call and by the time he arrived at the dealership the Police and Fire Service were already in attendance.

So what is going on? Are you feeling a bit less safe? A bit more threatened? Tell us your story.