Arnold Clark Fights Back from Christmas Cyber Attack      

Scottish retail giant Arnold Clark was hit by a cyberattack in the days leading up to Christmas forcing it to close its network in the hope of limiting the damage.  The company was warned of “suspicious activity” on its IT network by external cybersecurity experts, so it acted swiftly and decisively to close down all external IT communications.

It seems that the fast action resulted in there being no evidence of customer data being compromised.

“Our priority has been to protect our customers’ data, our systems, and our third-party partners. While this has been achieved, this action has caused temporary disruption to our business and unfortunately our customers,” the Arnold Clark Group said on Linkedin.

It is reported that the key factor coming from this was the inability to perform the handovers planned for the Christmas period.

However, even more than a week after the attack it appears the Group is continuing to work hard to get back to the level of IT activity and security it had previously enjoyed.