Buyers Stay Away From non-Covid Safe Showrooms


The government’s confusing and bungled ‘Freedom Day’ dropping of certain anti-Covid rules for certain people (can the Prime Minister and Chancellor wriggle out of having to isolate FFS?) seems to have had little effect on customers who still seem to feel safer with masks, social distancing etc.

According to What Car? almost two-thirds dealership customers say they will steer clear of showrooms without anti-Covid measures, despite the scrapping of many of the restrictions in England on July 19.

What Car? polled 1,322 potential car buyers showed that 63.7% will check hygiene measures, social distancing guidelines or other Covid-19 safety practices and decide not to enter if they aren’t satisfied with the precautions.

While similar easing of restrictions happened in Scotland and Wales we can’t say what customers there think as What Car? don’t seem to have polled people in those countries.

But more than half of those surveyed (59.4%) said they think that capacity restrictions should still be enforced and 74.7% still want to maintain social distancing.

So there we have it.

We’ve got to say, in the retail outlets that NTK Motors has visited since so-called Freedom Day anti-Covid measures were very much to the fore.  It seems that retailers are just as keen as their customers.

We know that there is a significant minority that thinks the whole Covid thing is a scam and that the hygiene measures are part of some big plot.  But, for now, we’re sticking with the face mask.