Are You Ready for Post-Covid MOT Surge?

Due to so many MOTs being postponed during the various lockdowns, a major surge of MOTs is expected and service centres are being warned to prepare themselves for a major influx of work.

Almost 1.3 million more MOTs will expire during September and October than usual and the Motor Ombudsman is expecting that its online Garage Finder tool will be front and central as motorists look to book their vehicle’s annual test.

The tool points customers to  motorists to workshops that are accredited to The Motor Ombudsman’s Service and Repair Code – it has already seena 60% increase in searches during the first half of 2021.

The surge is down to the six-month MOT exemption introduced between 30 March and 31 July 2020 in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Around 9.58 million drivers took advantage of this to postpone their MOT, but now they are going to have to find a workshop to do their MOT – and there are a lot of extra customers looking for MOT-accredited repair shops.

So the message is, get ready for the surge. You may already be busy, but busy is a good problem to have.

Good luck out there!