Are Women Matching Men’s Spending Power?

Online used car supermarket reckons that women could be closing the spending gap with men and that their favoured models may be driving the upmarket trend in car brand choices.

Certainly it looks as though women are catching men up in spending power when it comes to cars.

BuyaCar reports that the old pattern of women buying the lion’s share of smaller budget cars while men opted for larger, pricier models appears to have dissolved in 2021, as women also pursue more prestigious car brands.

In fact, the analysis suggests that women are increasingly responsible for the status of the upmarket Mercedes A-Class as the most popular purchase on, while men are more likely than women to buy a mainstream Ford Focus or a Volkswagen Golf.

So far during September the average gap between the spending of women and men has narrowed to just £500 compared with nearly £2,700 last year.

In another stark contrast with last year, customers in the budget end of the market are evenly split between men and women whereas in the first nine months of 2020 women bought the majority of all cars up to £10,000.

BuyaCar says that these latest figures are welcome after analysis of sales last year suggested that the spending power of women was most severely curtailed during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

These figures continue a long-term trend first identified by BuyaCar three years ago, women in the 18 to 24 age bracket remain the consumer segment most likely to go online to buy a used car, rather than from a traditional dealer.

In terms of model choices, purchases by women outnumber men for the Nissan Qashqai, Toyota Aygo, Nissan Juke, Mercedes GLA and – by a factor of 2:1 – the Fiat 500. But if there is one model that stands out as a favourite among women it’s the Audi A1, with 4.3 cars bought by women for every A1 bought by men.