Are VR Test Drives the Future?

VR Test Drive

Abarth is now offering customers what it claims to be the world’s first virtual reality test drives, so people can experience the Italian sportscar brand from their sofa.  Specifically, they’ll be getting their VR thrills ‘driving’ the new limited edition Abarth 595 Scorpioneoro.

Clearly this is at least partly-driven by the lockdowns and the Abarth VR trial is being run initially from the Vospers Abarth retailer in Exeter. If the trial proves successful it could be rolled out to retailers across the UK.

It works like this: a representative from Vospers arrives at the customer’s front door with a crate containing the VR headset pre-loaded with the ‘test drive’ footage and a pair of Bose headphones, all the better to experience the Abarth’s ‘famous growl’.  Also in the crate will be various Abarth goodies including a Bluetooth speaker and baseball cap.

And off you go, cruising the roads of North Wales on a ’fully immersive and exhilarating‘ drive while remaining at home. 

So, we’re off with VR test drives.  Is this the future?