Another New EV Name     

Ares, the Modena-based luxury coachbuilder, has announced the development of a whole new range of electric mobility luxury products including one-off vehicles and small series supercars, along with a motorcycle.

It seems its S1 Project, an own-designed supercar, will be the star of the Ares show, and it intends to hit the luxury SUV market too.

Pretty ambitious stuff from a relatively small player up against big names.

Alongside the new product launches Ares is also developing and expanding its network of showrooms, the Ares Studios, opening three new sites (Bologna International Airport, Milan and London) by the end of 2022. These will complement the existing network in spanning from the US to the Middle East.

As part of this acceleration phase, the company will be investing almost 100 million euros in the next coming two years, allowing Ares to deliver on its business plan.

Keep an eye on Ares, then.