Another German Diesel Scandal to be Revealed?

We’ve just heard that Deutsche Umwelthilfe, a non-profit environmental and consumer protection association, is getting ready to expose yet another German car manufacturer embroiled in a new diesel emissions scandal.  The big reveal is set for later today (5 Nov) but it centres on an as yet un-named but large German carmaker.  Expect fireworks.

Given the sackings and huge fines that followed the first round of diesel scandals we can imagine that an awful lot of top execs are sleeping uneasily in their beds.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe claim that carmakers and their managers have ‘lied and cheated – and only admitted to illegal defeat devices if they have been proven to them’, which is true, but they’re saying there is much more still be to be revealed.

In fact, they’re saying that a new report identifies a whole series of previously unknown, illegal defeat devices in the diesel engines of a German car manufacturer.

Here at Need To Know Motors we are running a book on which major manufacturer will be the latest to be hit by the scandal.