Accelerating Automotive E-commerce

Autoweb Design

The Automotive industry was expecting e-commerce to take off in the near future, but we never expected it to happen at the speed and scale it has! But motor trade digital marketing, website and ecommerce solutions provider Autoweb Design stood ahead of the curve, letting dealerships capture online sales easily and quickly.

Dealerships going digital was inevitable and car buyers were prepared for it too. Studies show that circa 90% of car buyers’ research is now done online. It may even be considered a chore for car buyers to visit dealerships, particularly if they are unsure what they are looking for at first.

Autoweb Design went pedal to the metal and – as early as March 2020 – launched its e-commerce plugin allowing customers to reserve a car or even complete the full purchase online.  The plugin means that dealerships installing Autoweb Design’s ecommerce solution are already at the leading edge of the new way of working.

Appealing to More Buyers

The tool allows customers to put down a deposit on a used car, safe in the knowledge that when they take a test drive, the car will be available. Alternatively, customers can build their own deal online and complete the purchase of their car, without having to visit the dealership.

Research shows that dealerships that have the online car buying solution integrated within their website appeal to a wider range of buyers.

There could be some concerns when considering the customers car buying experience and the expectation of a personalised service when purchasing a high-ticket item.

Well, dealerships across the board have already adopted digital technology in several different ways, from introducing video sales calls to implementing click and collect options to reduce the amount of face-to-face contact, without eliminating it completely.   

During the January 2021 lockdown one client’s e-commerce deposits increased seven-fold, based on the previous period, showing that people are more than willing to take their car buying journey online.

The Autoweb team is inspired to see how the industry has pulled together over the last year and offers its help as widely as possible: not being an Autoweb customer doesn’t act as a barrier against the solutions it offers.

Ecommerce is now included on all Autoweb website packages available from Autoweb Design, and its e-commerce plug-in integrates effortlessly onto existing websites.

To find out more, visit or email Alternatively, call 01757 211700.

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