30 April is the New 12 April for N Ireland Dealers

30 april

Consider yourselves lucky the rest of the UK.  You were allowed to open your doors to customers a full 18 days before our friends across the sea in Northern Ireland, who are still rubbing their hands in glee and anticipation in readiness for the dawn of 30 April. For that is the day that the humble car buyer will be allowed to enter the hallowed halls of the dealership.

And they can re-open on that date only thanks to the hard work and lobbying from the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA). Apparently.

NFDA chief exec Sue Robinson says that they pushed for the 30 April date: “We have been working with officials and ministers to ensure the full reopening of showrooms in Northern Ireland as soon as it was deemed safe to do so and it is encouraging that dealers will be able to welcome customers back into their premises later this week.”

There was a danger this could not happen until 24 May.  So this makes 30 April sound generous.

Whatever the wrongs and rights – whoever really achieved the earlier date – the fact is we should celebrate for our Northern Irish friends and colleagues.  Welcome back.