1987 Toyota Corolla Smashes Auction Record

A lovely example of a 1987 Toyota Corolla has smashed it at Car & Classic’s recent online auction, achieving a record price of…wait for it…£46,250.  For a Corolla! A UK record for a car of this type at auction.

The car was originally bought for the owner after she separated from her partner, to cheer her up.  No doubt she’ll be laughing teacakes now– as they say in Yorkshire.

It cost £12,500 new from Hallens Toyota in Cambridge and is complete with dealer-badged reg plates and a lovely old Nokia phone cradle.  The sunroof, radio cassette player and alloys were all fitted as standard and the car came with all the relevant paperwork..

Having driven 92,000 miles the original owner was reluctant to sell but the lack of power steering meant the car was no longer ideal.

Who would have thought that the Corolla, a pretty much an unloved car over the decades, would be able to fetch a record price? Just shows what you can get for a pristine model.