£10,000 grants available for DMS investment

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It’s about time the UK retail motor industry had some good news and here it is:  innovation grants of up to £10,000 per dealership have been secured by leading DMS provider Dealer Management Services to help motor retailers finance the purchase of the Navigator DMS during the current Lockdown. 

The grants come in the form of a cash injection to help businesses invest in IT that will boost their customer-facing capabilities during the pandemic. The grants are now available to car dealerships investing in IT that will make their businesses more robust and effective.

Clearly, this funding makes it extremely attractive for dealers to transfer to the Navigator DMS at a significantly reduced up-front cost.  The Navigator DMS incorporates features and apps that greatly enhance customer communications and socially-distanced operations, ensuring it qualifies for the Innovation Funding.

DMS system migration can be made swiftly and easily during the Lockdown.

To learn more, contact Jon Byles jon@dmsnavigator.com for further information.