100-Year Old Southport Dealership Blames Cazoo etc For Closure      

Oldfields of Southport has been a well-respected, family-run dealership for over 100 years.  But it will soon close its doors for good. And all thanks to the growing dominance of the likes of Cazoo and Cinch.

It’s a salutary tale and one that will become increasingly commonplace as the industry changes forever. But this closure isn’t just down to the online behemoths. Car supply dealt a body blow, too.

Speaking to Car Dealer mag, Director, Peter Oldfield, said increased competition from online disruptors had left the business ‘fighting for scraps’.

“Certainly car supply has been a big big issue for us. Trying to find quality stock is very, very difficult now and that’s one of the things that has made us think its time to call it a day.

”With Cinch, Cazoo and some of the others all taking the cream, thousands of dealers like us around the country have just been left fighting for scraps really.”